They Don’t Give Enough Information

This is sometimes the copywriter’s fault, but more often than not, business owners don’t give enough information about the content they want because they don’t know themselves.

If you want flawless content first time, you need to give your copywriter more than a brief outline of what you expect. Your copywriter needs to know about your business aims, your target market, and what you want your content to achieve. They need to know your content strategy (if you have one) and how you want to sound as a business.

If you don’t have this information or need some help getting it together, you may need to work with a marketing professional first.


They Don’t Ask for Samples

No copywriter worth their salt will work without a deposit, at least not without building a professional relationship first. Some copywriters even ask for the total payment upfront. Before parting with your hard-earned cash, ensure you have seen some of the copywriter’s previous work. Check out reviews too. This will give you an idea of their ability and trustworthiness.

Some copywriters will have a portfolio online that you can look at. Others prefer to send samples on request. To eliminate the risk of fake samples, ask for links to work they have done, as well as attached documents.


They Want a Bargain

Of course, everybody loves to feel like they have the best value for money. And, if you’re working with an agency, you might even get a discount if you ask nicely. But when you work with a single freelancer, asking for a discount is insulting.

You might think there’s no harm in asking. But asking for a discount starts your relationship off on the wrong foot. You might even just choose the cheapest copywriter to get the best deal. But this is a risky move if you want high-quality content that meets your requirements. When it comes to writing, cheapest is rarely best.


They Want to Pay an Hourly Rate

This might work for other freelancers, but it’s not a great way for a copywriter to work. Minutes can quickly roll into hours when you are working on a writing project, making your costs spiral out of control.

Equally, paying per word is a mistake. This will see copywriters filling your content with fluff to meet the specified word count. It is much better to allow your copywriter to cost per project so you know exactly what you are paying from the beginning.


They Don’t Have Enough Money Put Aside

Money in a business is complicated, but you should never base your copywriting relationship on money you expect from a client. If you want to work with a freelancer, ensure the funds are ready before giving the go-ahead on a project. This prevents any resentment on the copywriter’s behalf, as you will be able to pay them on time.

Chasing invoices is not something anyone likes doing; it can create friction. So don’t put this on your freelancer – just pay them as soon as the invoice comes through.


They Want to Start with a Big Project

If you are working with a copywriter for the first time, starting with something small is a good idea. A single blog or webpage will give you a good idea of their ability. If you are happy with their work, you can get into the bigger projects.

But, if you don’t feel it quite hits the mark, even after one or two rewrites, you have only wasted a small amount of money with that freelancer.


Like any significant relationship, starting slow and with a clear list of expectations is a good idea. Pay your freelancer what they have asked for on time, and you should enjoy a long-lasting, beneficial business alliance.