Content for furniture designers

Written content that’s crafted as carefully as your furniture

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Sell more products

Tell a story about each piece

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End your struggle with words and save time!

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Are your words as good as your products?

Designing and creating beautiful pieces of furniture is what you do best. Writing about them on your website is never as easy. It’s just not what you love to do. Choose a content writer that breathes charm and vitality into your words.

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You don't have the time to create content

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Your website content lacks passion and clarity

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You struggle to write descriptions that shine

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It's hard to write multiple versions of the same description

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You don't know what to write on social media

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Give your content the same love as your furniture

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Save yourself hours of wasted time

Have all the content you need written for you

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Increase sales

Have better content that really raises the perceived value of your pieces

Easy duplicates

Get original descriptions for those pesky duplicate product versions

Create more social hype

Put your pieces out there and raise your brand awareness with a social media strategy

Content writing services

Write about your products the easy way

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Content planning and strategy

Website content that tells a story about your brand

Beautiful furniture descriptions

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Emails that will persuade people to buy

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Social media posts that will market your brand

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Social media scheduling

How it works

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1-2-1 content consultation

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Personalised content plan

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Sell more of your pieces

I write furniture speak that sells

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Bachelors degree in journalism

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15 years helping products creators

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Content planning process

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Qualified proof reader

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Written content for hundreds of businesses

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Experience with popular product selling platforms

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Content writing for furniture designers

If you find it hard to write about your furniture items, I am here to help. Essence Content offers a complete content writing solution to help raise the perceived value of your products on your website and on social media.

Dazzling content that will sell your designs without you having to write a single word

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