Service Terms of Essence Content

These terms of service cover all provisions of Essence Content received by the Client.

Accepting these terms

Acceptance of these terms is assumed once the Client has accepted a quote for content services. The Client should read through these terms before accepting a quote. No signature is required for these terms to apply.


The project quotation supplied by Essence Content will provide a full rundown of the services supplied and the costs associated with these. Each quote remains valid for a period of 30 days. Any Client wishing to employ the services of Essence Content after this time scale will require a new quote. Essence Content reserves the right to alter or reject this quote after 30 days.

A deposit of 50% is required in advance of any works undertaken. The content will be supplied to the Client for review and any edits will be actioned. Each project is entitled to a maximum of two revisions before editing charges will be applied. The final payment will be expected within 7 days of invoice. The invoice is provided once both the Client and Essence Content are happy with the services supplied and no further edits are required.

Payment options are detailed on the invoice. The preferred mode of payment is bank transfer.

The Review Stage

Content will be available for review by the Client once a first draft has been written. This is the Client’s chance to request edits and should be completed no later than ten days after the content has been provided for review. If Essence Content does not hear from the Client after ten days, it will be assumed that the content is acceptable and an invoice will be produced.

Deadline Setting

Within the Client’s quote, Essence Content will provide an expected timescale of work. Acceptance of the quote will assume acceptance of the timescale.

In order to facilitate the most efficient progress of each project, the Client should delegate an individual to act as a primary contact for Essence Content.

In order to maintain the expected timescale, Essence Content will require the Client to provide as much information at the start of each project as possible. A full brief will be discussed prior to each project.

In the event that a timescale is affected due to the delay of information, Essence Content reserves the right to add a 25% surcharge to the final invoice. Should the Client fail to provide the required information within a week of agreeing to the quote and timescale, Essence Content will close the project and issue an invoice for the remaining balance. This will be payable immediately. This is to ensure Essence Content does not have to reject work from other potential Clients due to being in contract with an unresponsive Client. With this in mind, the Client should not commission work from Essence Content until ready to go ahead with the transaction.

Provisions of Information

Please provide any text or details of work required in a Microsoft Word file.

Arranging Payment

Invoices are issued by Essence Content upon completion of work. In certain circumstances, the Client may request a monthly invoice which will be issued on the last day of the month. Invoices should be paid upon receipt and definitely within 7 days.

New Clients will be expected to pay a 50% deposit before commencement of work. If this is not paid within 7 days of a quote, it will be assumed that the Client does not want to go ahead with the partnership.

Accounts Outstanding

If any accounts remain outstanding after 30 days of receipt, Essence Content has the right to withdraw any remaining services to the Client. It will be assumed that the Client has defaulted on payment and debt collection procedures may be put in place. The Client will then be liable for any costs involved with this, as well as the administration fees.


Essence Content takes every effort to ensure that all content provided is completely original and unique, using tools such as CopyScape to prevent accidental plagiarism.

All content provided remains the copyright of Essence Content until the payment of the associated invoice. Upon settlement of account, the copyright is passed to the Client who may then use the content as they wish.

SEO Implementation

While the tactics of Search Engine Optimisation have been shown to be effective in boosting the visibility of businesses on the internet, Essence Content is unable to guarantee any results from SEO services.

The rules of SEO are regularly changing. Essence Content will always attempt to work with new SEO strategies to keep the Client’s business ranking on high-traffic search engines, such as Google.

Termination of Services

If a Client wishes to terminate a contract with Essence Content, they must do so in writing, either by email or letter. Unfortunately, Essence Content will be unable to action any termination procedures with verbal notice. Once termination is accepted, Essence Content will invoice for works completed up until that date. This should be paid in accordance with the payment terms outlined above.

Protection of Indemnity

Essence Content is not liable for any claims resulting as a use of these content writing services. All services supplied should be used for lawful purposes only. Essence Content recommends reading through all content supplied to check for any text that could spark legal action in the Client’s industry.

Responsibility of content

Essence Content accepts no responsibility for content that is altered by a third-party. This includes, but is not limited to, the addition or alteration of punctuation, grammar, spelling and extra content.

Enforcement of liability

These terms shall be executed and followed in accordance with English law.

Essence Content and associated employees and contractors are excluded from liability caused by loss or damage due to:

  • Content that is inaccurate or omits information;
  • A delay in content provision;
  • A loss of materials supplied by the Client.

Essence Content may only accept liability for any claim that is in breach of these terms and the contract agreement.

Voiding the agreement

In the case that one of the terms of this agreement is found to be void, due to invalidity, illegality or unenforceability, the remaining terms are unaffected. The unacceptable term will be removed from the agreement and replaced with one which better protects the interests of both parties.

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