They Take Away The Fear of The Blank Page

So maybe you have found time to write a blog or craft a product description. Yay for you! But now you’ve sat down with a blank Word document and realised you don’t have a clue what to say. You’d be away if you could just think of a catchy opening line.

Spoiler alert: This happens to professional copywriters too. But we get over it in the end. Don’t have the time to wait for inspiration to strike? You need help.


They Bring a New Perspective to What You Do

A copywriter is more likely to look at your business from a customer perspective, so they can easily talk to your target audience. You might know your business inside out, but it can be difficult to adjust your mindset to focus on the benefits to the consumer rather than the incredible features you’ve worked so hard on. The features are still important, but you need to think with the customer’s mind.


They Know How to Keep The Reader Interested

It’s your product, so you are excited about it. And you want everyone to know everything about it in minute detail. This can lead to long, boring blog posts and product descriptions that sell nothing and send the reader to sleep. A good copywriter will take your pages of notes and whittle them down into something snappy and exciting. Your readers are more likely to make it to the end, and you are more likely to make a sale!


They Provide a Polished Piece of Copy

Perfect spelling and grammar are never guaranteed, but they are far more likely when you have a copywriter. (I do always recommend you give my work a quick once-over upon delivery. No matter how much I edit, the odd mistake does sometimes creep through – I’m only human!) So, not only do you have a polished copy, but it will also be adapted to suit your business brand. If you don’t already have a tone-of-voice guide, it is time to get one. That single document will help unify content throughout your business.


They Boost Your Search Engine Profile

A good copywriter will send your business flying up the search engine rankings. With well-placed keywords, content your customers find helpful, and a whole host of other SEO tricks, you’ll be visible to more potential clients, which can only be good for sales.


On top of all this, a copywriter will save you time (did you know the average blog post takes four hours to write?) And they will make you money with persuasive writing techniques and a higher business profile.

So, what are you waiting for? Speak to a great copywriter today. (That’s me, by the way!)