Did you know, that the average blog post takes four hours to write, according to a report by Orbit Media. The same study says blog posts that take over six hours to write are the ones that drive the strongest results.

That’s one blog post.

Read a little further into the report and it suggests that the more often you post, the better success you will have. Bloggers who published almost daily achieved their blog goals far more quickly than those who were irregular in their output.

What Content Do You Need?

Blogs are only a small part of the content picture. When it comes to allocating time and resources to your content writing, you will need to work out exactly what you need.

Content writing covers any words that your business uses. It can include:

  • Website home page/About Us
  • Website case studies/product descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • Company bios
  • Emails/letters/memos
  • Brochures and other marketing literature
  • Packaging text
  • Press releases
  • Magazine articles
  • Social media posts
  • Anything else that involves written communication with customers or employees

It’s a lot, right?

Now, if one blog post takes 4-6 hours and you want to post every weekday (assuming you are aiming for the most successful post possible), you will be spending a large portion of your week writing. When you consider all your other content needs, it is easy to see why some companies choose to hire a full-time content writer.


Who Should Write Your Content?

The problem with hiring a full-time member of staff to complete all content writing activities is that some content is static.

That means it is written once and then not reconsidered for a few years.

This includes content like your home page, about us, bios, brochures and packaging texts. So your content writer might be very busy some weeks and then be twiddling their thumbs other weeks.

But it is quite clear that this is not a role a business owner can fulfil on top of their day-to-day tasks. And it is not fair to heap this extra responsibility on any other permanent staff since they will also be unlikely to keep up with the commitment.

That is why it is such a great idea to outsource your content writing. A freelance writer can save you and your employees a ridiculous amount of time and hassle. If you hire a freelancer, you will only have to allocate a very small amount of time to your content.

Long enough to prepare a brief for each project and have a quick chat about your expectations.

They can also save you money since you only pay for the output, not a monthly wage. You also don’t have to factor in benefits like holiday pay.

Of course, every company is different. Some companies need full-time staff to cover their content writing tasks.

But if you would prefer to outsource, then get in touch with Essence Content today and let’s discuss your exact word requirements!