Maintain Communication

An email list is one of the best ways you can keep the lines of communication open with your customers, both old and new. Encourage visitors to your website to sign up to your email newsletter, perhaps by offering a discount code, and you have a whole audience ready and waiting to receive your words.

You’ll need to make sure you have a plan for your emails. Fill them with value for your customers and keep your pushy sales tactics to a minimum. This is about building trust, not scaring potential customers away

Spend Time Where Your Customers Are

Social media outlets offer a unique way for your brand to connect with your customers on a personal level. However, it is a waste of precious time and resources to promote your company on every single platform. Think about the demographic of your target customer and then decide where they will spend their time.

Pinterest and Instagram tend to be good for furniture companies because they are visual platforms that rely on beautiful pictures accompanied by a little bit of impactful text to get the message across. But this is also where all of your biggest competitors are  – you’ll have to create something special to stand out.

Facebook is, by far, the largest social media platform, so it makes sense to be here. You might not want to bother with Twitter unless you have a great content strategy that will cut through the thousands of text posts every day.

Think outside of the box. Could you create a YouTube channel dedicated to room styling using your products? Or are there interior design forums that could benefit from your expertise?

Provide Opportunities for Feedback

You need to know what your customers are thinking about your business, whether it’s good or bad. A feedback form is important, and responding to that feedback will ensure your customers feel heard. You should also set your business up on review sites like Google Reviews and Trustpilot and perhaps offer a coupon code incentive to get people to write reviews.

Provide Value for Free

Your blog is the single most important way you can position yourself as an authority in your business. This is where you can provide your customer with advice connected to your furniture business, without directly selling to them. Not only will this make your customers trust you, but it will also help boost your SEO position so that they can find you in the first place!

And, if you need someone to create the words your customers will respond to, get in touch via my contact form. Let me know when you are free to chat about your content requirements and that is when I will call you back.