There is Room for AI Tools in the Copywriting Industry

Computers will never be able to replace the human element of a copywriter. They can’t emulate a brand voice and they certainly don’t have all the answers to your customers’ questions. And that is what your content should always be aiming to provide.

However, there are some benefits to AI:

  • Ideas generation (ideation, if you will)
  • Cheap
  • Quick and easy

Now, the second two benefits are effortlessly outweighed by the benefits of a copywriter. Yes, AI is cheap, quick, and easy, but it is the fast-food equivalent of the writing industry. You’ll get half-decent copy that will fill a space on your website, but it won’t provide the nutritional value that a home-cooked meal can offer.

The first benefit, ideas generation, may be invaluable. If you want to create a list of blog posts or social media post suggestions, a few moments with an AI tool can provide you with some valuable titles.

As a copywriter, I’ve sometimes used AI as a brainstorming tool myself. Of the hundreds of suggestions that the website might give me, one or two might be great, while the others can spark inspiration, leading to other ideas of my own.


AI Can’t Replace Humans

When you use the self-checkout counters at the supermarkets, there is always staff on hand to help out. And they are always busy!

That’s because they can’t completely replace people, no matter how flawless a robotic system might be.

And the same is true of AI copywriting.

Gathering ideas is great, and occasionally, you might get a post that you can tweak to make it fit your brief, but robots are not good at creating unique content. Everything that an AI copywriter produces is based on a quick internet search to see what has already been written on a subject. It is then reformed so that the content is free from plagiarism. But there are no new ideas.

AI Copywriters are also programmed to provide perfect grammar. Sounds great, right? But your customers don’t talk with perfect grammar. Their speech is imperfect and casual. And your tone should always try to match that. Unless you are trying to talk to robots, you shouldn’t be working with them!

So, if you would like to bring a human element to your website content, book a content consultation with me. You can even suggest a few ideas from your AI tool. But I don’t promise to use them!