Blog Posts

Many clients won’t ask you to add a blog because they just don’t have time to keep it updated. Including blog post content as part of your service takes all the time, effort and worry away from this job. They can then use it to help boost their SEO and encourage sales. You can charge more money for the convenience, and they will be happy to pay as their sales soar!

Marketing Emails

Email marketing is one of the most successful tools for small business owners these days. If you can write interesting and informative sales emails, your clients will appreciate the extra traffic to their websites. They don’t have to be long and cumbersome, but your superior design skills can be a great help in ensuring they are eye-catching.

Social Media

Every business needs a social media presence these days, but it can quickly become an irritating role that gets forgotten about underneath the more important task of selling. Talk to them about their social media needs and then take on this task for them. Choose the channels that are most appropriate for their business and spend a little time working out what time of day is best to post and what type of posts your clients’ audience best reacts to.

Content Management

It is one thing writing all these useful content texts, but they still need to be planned, scheduled and uploaded. This is yet another task that your clients may not have time for. Offer to manage their content for a reasonable fee and they will be likely to agree! A good content plan might take half an hour to create but then it is simply a case of creating the content and distributing it across the various platforms.


Of course, if you are already at your maximum workload, adding a content service might not be something you can do yourself. Or perhaps writing just isn’t your thing.

In that case, why not bring in an expert? White-label a freelance content writer and you can charge a premium for these content services without having to do any extra work yourself.

You can enjoy higher profits and your clients can get on with serious business tasks while their content is taken care of. Everybody wins!

And, if you are wondering where on earth you can find a content writer who will be happy to take on these tasks, you have come to the right place! Fill in an Essence Content client consultation form and let’s discuss the needs of your various clients.