Start with a Blog

Your plan to repurpose your content should start with a well-written lead generator in the form of a blog. Make sure it is informative and valuable to your target audience. Scatter a few keywords throughout the article and optimise for SEO wherever possible.

Create a Video

Once you’ve sorted the words, you can turn them into video form. If possible, you can squeeze enough content out of your blog to create a video series. What you do with those videos is then up to you. Make a YouTube channel, or turn them into a reel for Facebook or Instagram. You could even send the videos in a series of email newsletters to prospective clients.

Turn Your Blog Into a Carousel

Or a Slideshow Deck. Or something similar. And then share it on LinkedIn. It makes for an eye-catching presentation that will encourage potential customers to engage.

Divide Your Blog into Splinter Posts

Instead of a carousel, or as well as, you can create social media posts based on the main points of your article. Schedule these so they run in order on consecutive days. And make sure you link back to the original post so that anybody who resonates with your content can read it all in one go.

Develop an eBook

Take your blog post and roll with the idea. Go into each point in a little more detail and create a whole ebook. You can place this ebook behind a wall on your website in return for adding their name to your email list. And if you really have a lot of value to offer, you could even charge a small fee.

Rewrite as a Guest Post

You’ve got the expertise, now share it with another related website. Not only will this give you a chance to influence a whole new audience, but it is also a great way to backlink to your own website, which is fantastic for SEO.


Of course, the possibilities don’t end here. You can take your blog post and turn it into a webinar. Create a live event on social media off the back of the blog and invite your customers to ask questions. Turn the information in your blog into an infographic that can be shared on the internet.

Make sure that with every new revision, you are editing it to suit the medium. The content should be recycled but presented differently, with the intended audience in mind.

Do this well, and you will gain many new followers who may become customers. And if you need help with the words, I am just a contact form away!