Don’t Just Upload and Run!

We’ve all done this. But if you think all you need to do is upload a piece of content and your audience will come, then you’re wrong. Instead, your blog will be relegated to the deepest, darkest corner of the internet, where nobody will ever find it.

You need to promote that blog! Make sure to share it on all your business social media channels. And on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You can do this more than once, but make sure you space these posts out to reach the maximum number of people.


Fill Out the Whole Blog Post Form

When you upload a blog post, there will be boxes for meta descriptions or snippets, SEO titles, and tags. Fill these all out. Add a photo and fill out the information on those boxes too. Your meta description needs to sum up the article in a very short, succinct way and encourage search engine users to read. Your tags and SEO title help search engines understand what is on your blog post so they can display it to those who will find it useful.


Talking Of SEO…

SEO (or search engine optimization) will help get your blog post higher up those search engine rankings so that more people will see it. The best SEO tip is to create high-quality content that people actually want to read. Think about who your customer is and what they would like to know. How can you answer their questions through a blog post? How can you make their lives a little easier with your content?

You can then research keywords. You only need one or two, and they need to fit naturally within the text. Don’t stuff keywords in that don’t fit – you’ll only reduce the trust that Google places in your content. This can reduce the SEO score for your entire site.


Create an Email Newsletter from Your Blog

Send a blog post teaser to your email list and you will gain a few more readers. If you don’t already have an email newsletter list, create one! This is one of the best marketing tools you will ever have. Past clients might not need another kitchen, but you can use an email newsletter to upsell other services, encourage them to tell their friends with prize draw incentives, and provide a link to your blog.

You can also gather emails with a newsletter subscribe button on your website, which will help you find new customers.


Write More Blog Posts

This sounds like so much effort, doesn’t it?! But, the more you post content to your blog, the more attractive it will be to search engines, as it shows you are interested in providing useful content to your readers. It also proves your business is still trading.

And don’t just stop at your own blog. Consider writing guest blog posts on home improvement websites or other relevant blogs. This will raise awareness of your business to a whole new audience and give you the chance to add a backlink which will do wonders for your SEO while driving organic traffic to your website at the same time!

If this all sounds like too much work for a busy, small business, I’d be happy to help! Blog posts are my favourite thing to write, so please get in touch and let me know your current content needs.