Social Media Posts

A great way to encourage people to read your blog, who might not have found it otherwise, is to share it on social media. Don’t just share and run away – add some context to your post so that people know what it’s about. That way, you’ll generate interest from potential customers. This has the added benefit of keeping your social media account active so that people know you are very much a busy, thriving business.

In fact, if you are clever, you can do this several times with the same blog. If you have a social media scheduler, you can repost the blog a few times over a year, with different supporting text so that you grab the attention of a wider range of people.

This is also great for SEO. Focus on a different keyword each time and you’ll see your search engine ranking increase!


Social Media Video/Reels/Lives

If you have a blog post that is doing particularly well, you can expand on this to turn it into a video for social media. Some people engage better with visual content, while others might appreciate the personal touch this gives your brand. If you choose to take it to a live stream, your potential customers can ask questions which might give you some ideas for your next post!



Written a blog on a hot topic? Grab a colleague or someone keen to learn about your furniture business and create a podcast. This is a really great way to boost brand visibility and it can be a lot of fun too! The addition of an extra person might even give your blog a whole new perspective you hadn’t thought of!



If you don’t already have an email newsletter, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. They don’t have to be long (in fact, the best ones are quick and easy to read) but they are a great way to encourage loyalty and brand awareness. Build an email list by asking website visitors and social media followers for their email addresses. You can also use email addresses from previous customers. Remember to give them an option to unsubscribe and include a blog teaser in every email.



If you’ve written a blog so interesting and informative that even professionals are dying to read it, this is a great opportunity to charge for it. Pop it behind a paywall and ask for a small payment towards the content (no more than a couple of pounds. If it is successful, this will soon add up). You can expand on your previous content to ensure readers are getting their money’s worth and ask them for their email addresses too, so you have new subscribers for your newsletter. All this content is linked in different ways, which is why it is so important to do it all.


This is all great, but chances are you are busy making furniture and this is time-intensive stuff. That is why a copywriter can really be your best friend. Get in touch and let’s discuss furniture content writing blog topics and ways to squeeze the most value out of every word.