Choose Your Platform(s)

Every business needs at least one social media profile to avoid being ignored by potential customers. Which one you choose will depend on your target customer. Furniture brands are very visual, so Instagram is a great choice. Or you might want to connect with influencers who will show off your pieces as they create video content around your home, making TikTok an option. Facebook might not be the innovative force it once was, but it still offers an excellent place to sell your wares. Perhaps start with one or two and add on if necessary.


Get Organised

Sometimes, the best posts are made off the cuff, showing our brand personality off beautifully. Other times, the forced creativity comes across as stilted and awkward. So it is a great idea to have a content calendar. In it, you can schedule daily posts to ensure you maintain a significant social media presence. Then, if you come up with a funny, useful, or insightful post that you want to add right away, you can.


Don’t Just Post and Run

The true value of social media comes from your engagement. Reply to comments left on your posts and leave a few useful comments on other people’s posts. This way, you build relationships with potential customers, who will remember you as a friendly brand that is happy to help.


Keep the Selling to a Minimum

Of course, you want to promote new products and encourage everyone to buy. But people don’t enjoy being sold to. Instead, focus on building relationships with your customers, and they will be curious enough to check your website out for themselves. Try and keep promotional posts to less than a third of your output. Just to make sure your customers know exactly what it is you do.


Mix Medias

The words are always the most important thing. But, when combined with pictures, videos, infographics, and other multimedia, content becomes much more interesting to your followers. And, as a furniture business, adding visual content should be pretty easy.


Encourage Reviews

This is scary because social media does tend to attract trolls who will leave bad comments for the hell of it. But it is also the first place your customers will head to see what other people think of your business. And if you offer high-quality products and excellent customer service, your comments should be mostly positive.

Don’t be afraid of bad reviews, though. These can offer excellent opportunities to display your customer service skills. Take every comment as a learning opportunity – thank the person for their review and demonstrate how you can solve their issue.


Quality Over Quantity

Don’t get hung up on followers, likes, and comments. These vanity metrics mean very little in the grand scheme of things. Instead of trying to become the most popular brand you can, focus on getting the right customers to like your page, as these are the ones most likely to spend money with you. Build a community that will appreciate your business.


Give Away Information for Free

Provide value to your customers, and they will learn to trust you with their furniture needs. You can post ways to get hard stains out of furniture or offer advice on how they can look after their products, so they last for longer. Styling ideas are great, and you can even show how pieces can be upcycled in case your followers want to have a go for themselves. Remember, you know things your customers don’t, and educating them keeps you at the forefront of their minds.


You don’t have to spend hundreds of pounds on expensive social media ads to get a respected presence. Don’t worry about trying to compete with the bigger brands, and just concentrate on getting your ideal customer on board.