To Raise Awareness About their Brand

There is no better way to boost visibility than creating a blog.

Every new blog post represents a new chance for clients to discover their website.

Every time they post a new blog, search engines recognises the fresh content and use that to assess relevancy.

Tell your clients to use long and short-tail keywords, optimised images and useful content.

This will improve SEO across their website.

So, not only do they create an extra page for search engines to find, but they also enhance the chances of their home page making it to the first page of Google!

To Create Internal Links

Talking of SEO, it is a difficult science to master.

However, scattering a few relevant internal links throughout their blog (like this!) will help search engine crawlers navigate through their website.

They are less effective than external links, but they are completely within your client’s control.

They also make it easier for visitors to find the things that they need when reading the blog – potentially making an extra sale.

To Create Customer Conversations

A website is usually made up of one-way conversations – your client to their customer.

There is very little opportunity for customers to comment or ask questions.

Of course, they can go to social media, but this takes them away from your client’s website.

Who knows if they will come back!?

Tell your clients to ask leading questions and encourage customer feedback through their blog and they will build a connection with their readers that is difficult to build anywhere else.

To Build Trust

If your clients are able to build up a blog full of useful information, industry insights and relatable content, they can quickly position themselves as an authority in their market.

Their customers will trust them to point out what might be missing from their lives.

Usually their product.

Trust builds loyalty.

Customers who trust will be more likely to follow their company on social media.

They will be more likely to sign up to newsletter lists (giving your client a direct channel to market to them).

They will be more likely to pay a premium for their products and services.

To Promote

Speaking of products and services, a blog post allows your client to go into more detail about how they can help their customer.

They can dedicate an entire blog post to a single ingredient within their new skincare range, for example.

As long as the information shows how that ingredient benefits the customer, and is useful and interesting, it will be a worthwhile blog post.

Or, they could write a case study about their latest project, so they can show how their business has already helped someone else.

To Share Company News

Has your client’s company just won a big award?

Maybe they’re opening a new branch in a different part of the country.

Or a different country!

Company news isn’t as successful when it comes to converting customers, but it is still useful information.

Which is why it is great to share in a blog.

It doesn’t have to be all positive, either.

If they’ve had some bad press, a blog post can be a great way to fight back, in order to control the narrative and repaint their company in a good light.

Social media is good for this too, but it is less permanent.

A blog post can be shared again and again.

Once a year, if your client’s customers need reminding!


These are just some of the positive ways a built-in blog can help your customers.

Of course, a blog is only useful if it is used effectively.

Not all businesses have the time, resources or ideas to maintain a blog, which is where I can help!

You build the blog and I’ll write the posts.

Meanwhile, your client can concentrate on all the other business admin that inevitably keeps them busy.

Want to discuss this further?

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