The Benefits of White Labelling

It’s a time saver: Whether you want content for your own website or your client’s website, hiring a writer to do the job for you will save you a ton of time! Did you know the average blog post takes over four hours to write? That’s time you could be spending on your next client.

It makes you competitive: All the big web design agencies offer content services as standard. Trying to win customers from the bigger budget brands is hard enough without providing a service less. You need to keep up, which means somehow working this into your client plan.

It makes you more convenient: If you don’t offer content services to your clients, they will find it elsewhere. Why let somebody else make money off something you could easily provide? OK, so you don’t have the time or talent to create content yourself? That’s where the white-label writer comes in!

It gives you a professional edge: Putting some effort into your own website content shows your clients exactly what you can offer them. Have a writer maintain your business blog and establish yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about when it comes to web design.

It is cheaper than hiring in-house staff: There are no salaries, bonuses, or pension issues to worry about. A freelance writer might seem extravagant initially, but when you weigh it up against an in-house writer, it works out much cheaper.

It increases customer satisfaction: A good writer knows how to work the text so that your customer will benefit from better visibility and higher sales. This is what makes your customers happy and makes them more likely to recommend you to their business friends.


The Onboarding Process

It is so easy to bring a freelance writer onto your team. Once you have figured out your client’s requirements, simply pass on that information to the writer of your choice. Let them spend some time playing with the words, trying to find the best ones to fit the brand voice while selling the client’s product or service. Then review the work and make sure you are happy to pass this off as something that has come from your company.

It is OK to ask for edits or redrafts. You can then build the website around the words, making sure they look beautiful on the page and are spread out in a readable fashion. The result is a complete website ready for your client to use.

Get in touch if you’d like to hire me as your white-label content writer! I’d love to find out more about your business and your clients.